Winter coats for kids – What you should look?

How often get emails from customers about Winter Jackets. Whether buying for boys or girls, a winter jacket is of course not as easy as buying a t-shirt. Winter jackets are just much more expensive and the claims logically higher. In winter, it’s often wet, cold and dark. As a jacket must stop protecting well.Frohtag has for you 5 tips on what you should look for when buying a winter jacket:

1 The right size

Of course, you always pay attention to the correct size. But especially in winter jackets we recommend to look very closely. The jacket should not be too tight because in winter, the sweaters are also thicker, but not too large because the risk besteh, t that the cold coming in from below. The sleeves are not too short and make it that the collar (with hood) close properly and still is comfortable.

2.Stand out

We have almost always sought out colorful winter jackets for our children. In winter, it is already getting dark early and the weather is often cloudy, which means that the children are simply less visible while playing outside. Therefore colorful colors we liked better and better. Preferably we are looking for our children jackets with reflective elements. These ensure that the children better stand out while cycling or crossing the road. (Image: Castor Jacket Rainbow by Molo Kids).